Anti-Fog 3-Ply + Filter Custom Face Mask

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  4. Send me your measurements
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  6. After payment is confirmed, Face mask will be made!
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Great gift for the ones you love!

Here is the video showing the manufacturing process:


These face masks are made with 3-plies of cotton fabric which gives the mask a soft feeling. The mask also has an extra ply, a Filti filter produced in the U.S. If you wear glasses, this design reduces the formation of fog, so you are actually able to see!

The masks are breathable with a soft elastic that makes wearing them comfortable even for long periods of time. You can tie them to the desired length for a better fit.

Washing Instructions:
  • Wash by hand or in the washing machine inside a laundry bag
  • Delicate cycles
  • Air dry only
  • Avoid ironing